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We are creating an absolutely new transportation system: ecological, safe, comfortable and significantly cheaper than the existing solutions. Having passed a series of international expert reports, the technical solvency of the innovative system by ropes has been proven. At this moment, our main objective is the creation of an active model of SkyWay technology. The Eco-Technology Park, which will be a starting point for the SkyWay ropes transport from the category of "project developed in theory" to the category of "merchandise with good sales".
Why should I participate in the SKY WAY project?
1. Profitable investment of finances. Acquires shares of companies with a discount up to hundreds of times their potential face value, which theoretically implies a multiple increase in the benefits of these investments.3. Intellectual property. You can become a co-owner of the profits from the implementation of SKY WAY technology, which independent experts value for $ 400 867 433 000 USD.
2. Lifetime dividends. You can get benefits from each order placed or specific project worldwide, which will correspond to the number of shares of the company acquired.4. Participation in the world transport corporation. You can become the owner of a part of the new larger transport corporation in proportion to the SKY WAY shares purchased.